Wake up! Women Workshops Testimonials

This was a safe, nurturing place to learn and discuss some deep, hard and vulnerable truths. Learning how to apply skills to my circumstances has helped me to have a healthy balance in my life. Awesome job! Keep it going girl!
~ Lisa


The workshop made me feel I am not alone to manage the stress of work, motherhood, marriage and aging parents.


Maria is incredible! The Wake Up Women Workshops were wonderful! I found there were other women with similar issues and felt less alone. We learned how to deal with difficult people and issues, which is so important in all aspects of life. I felt upbeat and motivated after each session and looked forward to meet again. Maria led the group with knowledge, warmth and laughter. I would highly recommend the workshops to all women.
Thank you! ~ Erin


Wake Up Women Workshops “woke me up” to my authentic self, and taught me how to live a more whole-hearted life!
Thank you for this wonderful experience! ~ Jenny


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to the first workshop, but when I left I realized this was an educational workshop. I liked that structure, as there is so much to learn and you are a great teacher.