heart bookHello Everyone!!

Wow! Things have certainly taken off since I returned from San Antonio, Texas. It was an honor to be chosen to attend  Brene Brown’s Certification Conference which was very inspiring and full of fantastic tips and techniques so I am pleased to announce I  am now offering two workshops for women! The first workshop called Series 1  will be an introductory course on “Finding Your Authentic Self.”  The second workshop called Series 2 is titled; “A Deeper Connection to Becoming Your True Self:  Beyond Awareness.”  I am looking forward to meeting the wonderful women who have signed up for Series 1, which begins on March 5th.  It still isn’t too late to sign up, but space is limited! I am also excited about reconnecting with the women who have already attended my workshop last year.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!  Series 2 will begin on Saturday, March 22nd, can’t wait to see you!!!

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