Dr. Brene Brown’s newest book is called Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belong and the Courage to Stand Alone

We are in a culture of perfectionism and pleasing, and while our ability to respect differences is eroding, it is easy to stay quiet or try to fit in rather than show up and be our true selves.

If we want to attempt to brave the wilderness we will come across uncertainty and criticism; now that is a guarantee!

Brene Brown discusses the daily practice that demands integrity and authenticity, a personal commitment to ourselves that we carry in our heart.

Remember those times when you tried to fit in and then, later on, felt like you just sold a piece of yourself? It was only AFTER you gave it away you realize how precious and valuable it really was.

We need to learn the truth about our lives; our self-worth and our authentic self are not up for negotiation; each one of us has a unique gift to offer to the world, but it takes courage to BE who you are not what others WANT you to be!

In this book, Dr. Brené Brown writes about the FOUR practices of True Belonging which require you to be vulnerable, feel uncomfortable, and learn how to be with people without sacrificing who you truly are!

Each practice will challenge you to show up with one another and also get some personal introspection on how to find a way back to connect and be courageous!

Here is just a brief overview:

  1. People Are Hard to Hate Close Up. Move In. We are ALL worthy of telling our stories and having them heard.
  2. Speak Truth to Bullshit. Be Civil. “You are either for us or against us” forces people to take sides believing that those are the only options, which isn’t true and civility is caring about one’s beliefs without degrading someone else’s in the process.
  3. Hold Hands. With Strangers. Seek out moments of collective joy and to show up for moments of collective pain, takes bravery. Despite differences, we are still hard-wired for connection.
  4. Strong Back. Soft Front. Wild Heart. People tend to walk around brittle and defensive, concealing their lack of self-confidence. Develop a backbone that is flexible and sturdy, a soft-front expressing compassion, and feeling genuine empathy is what it means to truly belong to yourself, show up and follow your heart!

I leave with you this:

Maya Angelou was someone Brené had admired for years. She found a transcript from an interview Maya did with Bill Moyers and as she watched her she discovered that “Maya belongs to Maya I belong to myself.

Dr. Brown says it best when she states; “It’s about finding the sacredness in being part of something and braving the wilderness…. Alone.

I will be doing a workshop on the book soon. Let me know if you’re interested in being on the list for the announcements.

All the best!

Maria Bucci, M.Ed LPC DWC-F. Daring Way Facilitator by Dr. Brené Brown

Maria Bucci

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