Last year several of my clients, friends and family members assisted in building a house for a wonderful family through Habitat for Humanity and it was such a fantastic experience we are doing it again this year!!! 

The Habitat Coordinator asked for volunteers on Saturday, October 24th 2015.

I you are interested in helping out please register now so I can give them an accurate count of how many will be there with me. 

The house is for Diona Lewis and her four year old daughter and they are so excited to move out of their apartment and into a safe home of their own by Christmas.


This single mother is a Hospice housekeeper for a local hospital and it was wonderful to meet her at the Commencement Celebration a few weeks ago, so join us for some fun and community spirit!


Please join me to make this dream come true!

Contact me and let me know you’ll be joining us,

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